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Here’s a short tutorial on ‘what and how powerful linux is’

The story starts here!

I should mention what GNU/Free software is before explaining Linux

Richard Stallman, who was working in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, came up with the concept of free software in early 1970’s. He always pointed out that the term ‘FREE’,means ‘freedom’, not zero cost.Now that we have some free softwares to work with, but the core of a machine – kernal was still in the hands of microsoft or mac.

After 6 years from this, Linux tourwald, a student of University of Helsinki, made some improvements on ‘Minix’, a linux based operating system developed by Andrew Tanenbaum, and that triggered a new era of free computing! .

unix was not free, which made Massachusetts to create GNU, a modification of unix.Now tourwald have a kernel of its own, and Massachusetts has a set of free programs – GNU.So combining the necessary programs provided by GNU in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a kernel, developed by Linus Torvalds in Helsinki, Finland, Linux was born. Due to the physical distances involved, the means used to get Linus’ kernel together with the GNU programs was the Internet. In late 1991, linux had his kernel clubbed with GNU and started showing people- `what linux is?`
The following lines were enough and more to attract leading developers and programmers to linux

“Are you without a nice project and dying to cut your teeth on an OS you can try to modify for your needs?… This post might just be for you.”

people began writing programs specifically to be run under Linux. Developers began writing drivers so different video cards, sound cards and other gadgets inside and outside your computer could use Linux.

linux had no proper document to install etc in the beginning as it was developed by torwald just as a hobby.This caused less reachebility to ordinary people . Also the writers who wrote about linux werent ‘to the point’.Later, companies like redhat wrapped the needfull components via kernal and GNU programs and an easy to install form.

Linux is available in various flavours – distributions suiting your needs.A number of companies, organizations and individuals have developed their own “versions” of the Linux operating system, known as distributions.

A pretty nice documentation for biginners is available here

The Beypore diary!

The Beypore diary!

People who know about Beypore would feel no exaggeration in it when I say, the person who named Kerala ‘Gods own country’ would have had a visit to Beypore! Beypore is a small city located in the bank of river Chaliyar . It is one of the fastest developing tourist spots in Kerala. The city, situated about five kilometers from Calicut which is one of the developing cities in Kerala, is well known for its landscapes.The city is well connected by road,rail and air.

On one side, Beypore has Chaliyar river rushing to join the sea, while on the other, Arabian sea is stretched to infinity.The joining place of river and sea, known as ‘pulimoodu’, is an awesome place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. A bridge like structure, made by piling up huge stones, has been stretched to around two kilometers into the sea separating sea from river.It is great to sit in the rough, natural stone at the end of bridge, looking at the setting sun and enjoying a salty breeze.You may wonder when I say you would find dolphins there!.

As tourism has become a big business in Kerala,u may wounder when i say u can enjoy boating from Beypore across the Chaliyar river to Kadalundi-a bird sanctuary,for just 2 rupees!. Foreseeing the growth of tourism, government has started investing on largescale for the development of Beypore.The light house in Kadalundi, which basically serves for Beypore, is a nice spot for people who love history. The British had their first train run from this place to Tirur for the sake of exporting Indian teak wood to their country.

Beyore is famous for the construction of ‘uru’, the traditional vessel of the Arabs.The people, often called as ‘khallasis’, who are experts in building ‘uru’,are famous for their hard work.This job,which is a form of inherited art,is bringing in a lot of investment and fame to Beypore. But due to the unavailability of proper wood,this industry is in crisis now. Another traditional artwork, sample ‘uru’ which is made inside a bottle,often referred as ‘samplebomb’, requires good skillsets and experience.

Beypore fishing harbor is the livelihood for thousands of people living in and around beypore.Here,a day breaks with the sound of auctions.Men who bring ashore boat full of fishes if they were lucky, would sell it to market people by auction.You can find people rushing around with sacks or boxes to get a good deal. Most of the seafood are exported to other countries.Apart from the fishing harbor, the beypore port, one of the biggest in kerala, is the channel for most of the import export business based in south India.

Although all these facilities are bringing fame to Beypore, Marad,a small village which falls under Beypore panchayath,is bringing panic to the place due to the communal violences. Those who want to bring panic make use of sea as a conveyance media,where little patrolling is possible, to bring weapons to Marad. A couple of years before, the blood of over ten inhabitants of Marad was shed in a matter of three days. Those who planned this would make use of the situation to loot houses. Had the government been a little more careful in handling the situation,all the bloodshed could have been avoided. As the government is taking proper care of Marad now, we can hope for no more bloodshed in the future.

With the investment coming from across the world, Beypore has started changing its face concentrating more towards tourism and export business.I can foresee Beypore with resorts in the seashore and people having better quality of life.