google sms stream

google sms stream

Those who live in India, be happy as you are lucky enough to get a chance to enjoy the google sms stream service!  as its only available for Indian mobile users as of now.sms channels provides you a facility for creating ‘sms channels’ of any particular topic, invite people to join the same and get them updated with news. you can group sms the members of your group and  helps you in keeping the members of group updated with might need to give a try as this service is free and your service provider is not going to charge you for incoming sms updates.

google india currently uses a gateway +9198708070. Also you  will need to be careful while chosing channels as these are created by users like you and me, not by google, so there is a possibibility of mobile spams, you dont want to fill in your inox with irrelevemt sms’s, do you?. after all, no basic mobile model has got a spamassassin!!

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