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Reboot command in a VPS

Reboot command in a VPS

Did you ever try restarting your virtuozzo VPS by hitting the ‘reboot’ command inside the VPS? If you’ve done, you might have had troubles in having it back online automatically. ‘reboot’ command works in a different way inside a VPS unlike a dedicated server. when you issue this command, VPS is stopped and started by a different script in the hardware node which is executed  in every minute.

When you hit reboot command inside the VPS, it invokes reboot system call with argument ‘restart’, which has to be handled by BIOS in normal cases. But since its a VPS, the system call is blocked from within since the VPS shouldnt talk directly with bios, which otherwise can result in a reboot of hardware node! So internelly, the reboot command is being handled this way

1. the VPS is simply stopped when reboot command is issues from within.
2. VPS is started again using a script /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/vereboot which is invoked automatically using a cron job specified in  /etc/cron.d/vereboot in ever 1 or 2 minutes depending on the cron

So its a better Idea to go for VZPP to get your virtuozzo VE rebooted rather than issuing a reboot command